Saturday, November 14, 2009


How to restore and backup with backuppc

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After you had setup backuppc lets try to access it by typing the ip address of the server

http://ip address/backuppc

it will ask you the username and password
Click on 'Start Full Backup' button to start your first backup. Note that this first backup will take a while. The next time you back up, it will be an 'incremental' backup and should only take a few minutes.
If you get any error messages, let the administrator know of that message

7. Retrieve backed-up data

To restore files / folders, simply click on 'browse backups' link on the left menu.
You should see a screen like the above.

Then click the checkboxes next to the files and folders you want to restore and click on 'restore selected files.'

Once you click on 'restore selected files,' a screen like the below should show up. There are 3 options to what to do with the files / folders you've selected.

  • Option 1: Direct Restore
  • Option 2: Download Zip archive
  • Option 3: Download Tar archive
Option 1 will write the backed up files / folders to your harddrive (if the same file is there, it will overwrite).

Option 2 and 3 will archive the files / folders and let you download the archived package as .zip or .tar respectively. This feature has other potential uses than just backup / restoration; you can access the backed up files / folders from anywhere in the world!