Thursday, December 3, 2009


DUTERTE GO... GO... GO..Nograles NO...NO...NO

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While reading an article on a newspaper and surfing the Internet i found an article of a father and daughter tandem and its gives me an idea to write this simple point of view since that I'm already staying in Davao city- think of it  that would great teaming up together especially that rudy duterte is considered and proved himself that he is worthy to keep the city in order and safe which is one of the primarily need by growing city. In addition to these, i would also recommend to the duterte family to focus on the livelihood and attract more investor to the city that might give an eye opener to the nearby city  to improve their own locality by gaining access on what the Davao city has.

     In connection to the upcoming election we had seen their colors and it will be seen on the upcoming days as the election comes  (green, orange, and yellow) but what really gave me interest was the filing of speaker prospero nograles for mayoral position  who we all knew that he is one of the great ally of the administration block as we knew that put shame to Philippines  in the  international community.I think it would be best to take leave on politics and enjoy vacation while clearing his involvement on the present administration. I know that the speaker has a good intention in developing the city but on my points of view take a vacation, enjoy life and let the people speak when you face the the outgoing mayor of the city.